Monday, September 30, 2013

Wednesday at One O'Clock

A young man, whom I will call Elder M. related this story to me. Upon arriving in a new mission area, Elder M. found that the missionaries had a standing appointment each Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm with Brother T., who would take time off work each week to go with the missionaries to visit less active and prospective church members.

One Wednesday afternoon after completing their visits, Brother T. drove Elder M. and his companion back to their apartment. As was customary, they concluded the session with prayer in Brother T.'s car. As he fervently prayed, Brother T. became very emotional.

"Dear Father," prayed Brother T., "I have taken off work every week for 15 years to minister to thy lost sheep." Elder M. was shocked. He had no idea that Brother T'.s standing 1:00 pm appointment with the missionaries had continued over a period of a decade and half.

Brother T's poignant prayer continued. It was clear that he was frustrated. "I have worked and prayed tirelessly for these people, but in all my years of work, I have seen no success." The prayer continued as Brother T. prayed for the souls of those that were lost, as he once had been.

When he finished, Brother T. looked at the missionaries with tears in his eyes. "I am going to have to pray much to know whether to continue working with you each Wednesday," he said before bidding them farewell. Elder M. and his companion didn't know what to think. They prayed for Brother T.

Two days later, Elder M. received a phone call. "Elder M., Wednesday at one o'clock, as usual, right?" rang out Brother T.'s cheery voice.

Elder M. wasn't sure what had changed. But over the six remaining months that Elder M. spent in the area, Brother T. did see success from his labors. He was grateful that he had not given up.

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Michaela Stephens said...

Wow. "If you should labor all your days.."

Quite a noble work of love that man was doing.