Sunday, July 14, 2013

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country

A few weeks ago our missionary son, who is serving half a world away sent an interesting message. He and his companion went to the branch chapel to meet with a church member and an investigator. When they arrived they found a note written in English attached to the door from an American church member that happened to be traveling in the area. The note said that he said that he would return in an hour or so.

While our son was at the chapel, the American walked in. He had been spending summer semester studying in a neighboring country. After completing his coursework, he decided to travel to the city from which his ancestors hailed, which happened to be where our son is serving. The man, known as KC had served a mission in yet another country and spoke a different foreign language. But he didn't let that deter him from traveling in the area.

The missionaries and church members were able to direct KC to the places he was most interested visiting. He also joined my son and his companion from time to time over the succeeding days in doing missionary work. On one occasion KC was able to teach a fellow from yet a different country that happened to speak the same foreign language as him.

Our son excitedly sent pictures of KC and himself, explaining that KC was from our town and had graduated from the same high school as him. Despite a few years age difference, KC and our son had a number of common acquaintances.

A couple of nights ago, a tall young man came to our door and introduced himself as KC. We were thrilled to invite him into our home. He told us about his visit to the town where our son is serving and told us about how our son is doing. We spent about an hour talking with him, even showing him pictures from my son's mission and having him tell us who some of the people in the pictures were.

Perhaps only a missionary parent can understand what kind of joy this tender mercy brought us. The title of this post quotes Proverbs 25:25. Indeed, KC's visit to our family was like cold waters to thirsty souls.

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