Thursday, January 24, 2013

And We Sing As We Go

My sons sometimes aren't sure what to make of their little sister. Our daughter brought up the tail end of our brood following four boys. She inherited all of the toy weapons, hero action figures, cars, and balls that any child could want.

And she actually did like playing with those things. But dolls and princess clothing were new to my sons. And to me. Having had no sisters, I had to learn about girl toys, clothes, likes and dislikes. How was I to know that some blouses button up in the back? Although I must admit it did look like it fit a little odd when I buttoned it up in the front.

Music has always played a significant role in our household. My wife demands that each child take piano lessons long enough to learn how to read music and play rudimentary hymns. Two sons have become quite excellent pianists. Two have found talents in other areas. Our daughter is learning piano. She seems quite capable, but sometimes I think she could apply herself better. (I'm sure my mom said the same thing about me when I was a kid.)

One son has always loved to make noise. He likes to sing. It is not uncommon for his baritone voice to burst out in a loud operatic solo. Or to grunt out some metalcore vocals. Or jazz riffs. Etc.

Our daughter likes to sing too. Ever since she was very young she has been found singing around the house under almost any condition. Her singing is decidedly different than that of her various brothers. It's usually sweet and lilting and is carried on almost absentmindedly, as if it is just a part of her. She particularly seems to enjoy singing LDS children's songs.

Our sons regularly complain about their sister's incessant singing. But honestly, it's like she sometimes doesn't even realize she's doing it. As stated above, she will sing under just about any condition. That includes when using the ... ahem ... necessity facility.

One day we could hear our daughter's lovely voicing ringing from the privy. The tones of When We're Helping We're Happy clearly echoed from behind the closed door. Most of the rest of us were gathered in the nearby family room. I turned to my wife and flatly said, "And we sing as we go."

That brought gales of laughter from the family. I may never again be able to hear or sing that song with a straight face.

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