Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free the Health Care System: a Review

In response to my recent post about overmedication, Bekkieann asked what ideas I have for improving our current medical system. Having written about this many times, I thought that rather than rehash the matter, I would put up a list of some of my posts about our medical system.
Many of these posts are critical of third-party payer systems. But there are some positive suggestions about how to reform our current quasi-socialized public/private health care system. And there are some good links in these stories to various suggestions and resources.

The overriding theme that should be driven home is that we need more freedom in our system than we have today. Patients need to be freer to seek the kind of care they really want. Medical practitioners need to be freer to provide the kind of care and services that are in demand. We still need ways to help people that truly cannot afford necessary care.

Coupled with more freedom is more responsibility for the consequences of our own physical and health care decisions. Perhaps this comes across as harsh. I’m not suggesting that this would produce a perfect system by any stretch. But it will be a far less harsh system than a cold bureaucracy that follows procedures and pretends to contain costs, but still produces lousy medical outcomes.

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