Monday, May 12, 2008

Some of the Scariest Stuff I See Is In the Mirror

Years ago there was a guy that taught lessons in a class I attended. He was a nice middle age guy. But there was one freaky thing about him.

I generally like to sit on the front row of classes. For one thing, there’s generally room there because, I guess most people prefer to avoid the front row. That is probably because sitting too close to the teacher sometimes carries certain hazards.

In this case, one of the hazards was that when the light was just right, you could see this long hair protruding from the teacher’s forehead above his left eyebrow. It was nearly clear and as slender as spider silk, but it was kind of kinked up. I swear the thing was nearly four inches long.

Whenever THE HAIR caught my attention, my mind inadvertently wandered from the lesson as my attention riveted on the bizarre hair. I’d wonder to myself whether the teacher didn’t know it was there or just didn’t care about it. I never had the guts to actually mention it to him.

This morning as I was shaving, the light caught just right in the mirror, and I saw a very slender, nearly clear hair protruding from my forehead above my left eyebrow. It was about an inch long. I wondered how it was possible that I had never noticed it before.

I’m just sayin’.


Cameron said...

It must be karma. Or you manifested it there with all your hair ogling in class.

Unknown said...

Ha! You've hit eyebrow puberty. It's that evil dihydrotestosterone, making some hair fall out and other hair grow where it's not supposed to.

Pretty soon it'll be nosehair puberty. You probably hit ear hair puberty years ago, am I right? Better check.