Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Transfer Nation

“The average taxpayer has lower income than the people on whom the government lavishes its financial favors.” —Thomas Sowell

In this NRO article, Thomas Sowell lays out the conflict between economic liberty and governmental politics, particularly with respect to wealth transfers.

My observation is that the economics discussed by Sowell apply not only to money, but to almost any kind of system, including human relationships, personal health, and human liberty.

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Frank Staheli said...

Those who trot out the latest "human suffering story of the week" seem to forget that government can only use coercion in order to provide lavishments. I particularly enjoyed this statement from Sowell's article:
The inadequacy of resources to produce everything that everyone wants is the fundamental fact of life in every economy

Here's a particularly insightful statement as well

Moreover, when paying their own money, there would probably not be nearly as many [college students] parting with hard cash to study feel-good subjects with rap sessions instead of serious study.