Monday, September 03, 2007


We were fortunate enough to spend a good portion of Labor Day with extended family members at a private swimming facility. It was a glorious day for swimming. At one point when I was working on helping clear away meal items, I looked up when my second-grader son called to me. He was standing on the diving board. He waved and excitedly yelled, “Hey, Dad, watch this!” He then ran and jumped off the board feet first into the water.

There was nothing particularly unusual about this action. He splashed into the water and swam to the side of the pool. But a feeling swelled in my heart that I find difficult to describe in words. This little boy was showing off for me. My attention was important to him because he knows that I love him. And this little episode also made it clear that he loves me.

It is impossible to describe in words the exchange that took place between my son and me in those few seconds. I know in my soul that it transcends the boundaries of this sphere. I suppose that it’s only something that a parent can comprehend. My son has likely already forgotten this incident. And yet there’s no worldly thing that could possibly equal the value of this event.

It’s little things like this that tumble together like sands falling through the narrow neck of an hourglass to create a conglomerate treasure that is beyond all the money, gold, power, and other baubles that this world has to offer. I am truly rich.

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Frank Staheli said...

In a very similar way my Labor Day with my family was perhaps the best ever--and that's saying something, because last year we were at SeaWorld.

We picnicked and hiked in the mountains of Santaquin canyon, and enjoyed ourselves more than immensely. I found myself thinking yesterday that it's rather gratifying for my wife and I to know that we have such a positive relationship with our kids.

I agree with you that that's what it's all about.