Friday, February 17, 2006

Why the GOP Has Moved Left

Last month I opined here about why Mormons tend to lean Republican. Jonah Goldberg writes here about why conservatives tend to vote Republican. Some of his points run parallel with some of my arguments, but his article is much more enjoyable to read as well as much more witty.

Goldberg also lends to another point I have made on many occasions, that a weak Democratic Party is bad both for the Republicans and for the nation. But Goldberg takes a different tack, arguing that it’s bad for the Republicans and the nation when the Democratic Party moves left. He says, “In American politics, when one party moves left or right, the political center of gravity moves that way too.” The result is that “when the Democrats move left, so do the Republicans.”

Speaking to liberals, he tells them that “some conservatives who criticize the Democrats or offer them advice do so not solely to salt wounds, but in the hope that someday we will have a real choice on Election Day — and not between the lesser of two evils.”

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Keryn said...

Excellent points, both from Goldberg's article and your previous one.

Although I am very conservative, I would LOVE to have good, even hard, choices on election day. I don't agree with everything the GOP does or stands for, I just find that I agree with them on my hot-button issues. But I am always open to all candidates, and I wish that the Democrats could offer some real competition in this area.