Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hacking Says Murder Was an Act of Love

Euthanasia proponents frequently claim that they are motivated by love and concern for people that are suffering. Michael Schiavo echoed these sentiments while having his disabled wife Terri dehydrated to death. Now attorney Gil Athay claims that Mark Hacking rationalized shooting his pregnant wife Lori to death using similar logic.

As far as I can understand the suggested line of reasoning, Mark felt sorry for Lori because she was tormented by the realization that she was married to a rotten liar. He “loved” her so much that he wanted to end her pain, which he did by putting a bullet in her brain.

You will forgive me if I fail to comprehend how anyone could construe such a course of thought and action to represent love in any form. Selfishness and hate, yes. Love, no.

Hacking now goes to prison, hopefully for many decades, while others that employ official forms of euthanasia are unshackled from their burdens so that they can pursue their lives more freely. Ah, the foibles of a society that codifies the legal killing of the innocent.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how Hacking's lawyer could say that with a straight face. Mark Hacking may have said it, but it seems at best delusional and more likely self-serving.

Charley Foster said...

I heard Lori's dad's remarks on the radio. He said it best: "He's a frickin' liar"

I notice too the press will sometimes say as though it were a fact that he shot her in her sleep. But we get that information from him. And he's a frickin liar.

Scott Hinrichs said...

Charley's right. Hacking is a frickin' liar. So anything he says is suspect. The police have been relatively mum on the details of their investigation.

Mark, I guess Hacking's lawyer could say this junk with a straight face because, well, because that's what he gets paid good money to do. I remember this guy from the days when he was defending the Ogden Hi-Fi Shop murderers, and he still gives me the willies.

I have heard the same things Ethan has heard. Having known people in abusive relationships, it seems to be on target.