Thursday, July 21, 2005

Steve Urquhart Aims to be Utah's Next U.S. Senator

Steve Urquhart has gone ahead and thrown his hat in the ring to challenge Senator Hatch for his senate seat. (See Steve’s campaign website). I have said that Senator Hatch needs to retire. Steve Urquhart is assaying to force Hatch to do so. Steve is smart and hard working. He is capable of doing a very good job representing Utah in the U.S. Senate, something that has become a low priority for Hatch.

Urqhuhart’s first job is to work with the GOP party faithful to build a strong base for the state Republican convention to be held next spring. Building name recognition among average voters is something that will need to pursued more strongly after the convention, assuming he pulls off a victory or forces a primary. Most of these people don’t have a clue what Hatch is doing in D.C. and will need to be educated. Then comes the chore of building name recognition among the class of voters that don’t even know how many senators or representatives we have in Washington, let alone knowing their names.

I wish Steve all the best in this pursuit.


Charley Foster said...

Will you send me an email at today? I need your email address if you don't mind.


steve u. said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and good wishes. I'll need them! The deepor I get into this, the more it appears Utahns are ready for a conservative challenge. Time will tell.

steve u. said...

Oops. Deeper.